We have a set weekly menu. Most of our ingredients are local and organic!

BREAKFAST Served Daily from 7am-9am

Includes local fresh organic fruit (banana, pineapple, and papaya) and coffee or juice (Orange or Mixed fruit)  ₡2500

~Breakfast Burrito- stuffed with rice, beans, egg, broccoli, kale, peppers, onion, garlic and a side of Pico de Gallo

~Breakfast Sandwich- egg, lettuce, tomato, pepper, and onion. Served with home fried potatoes

~Omlette- filled wtih kale, broccoli, peppers, onions and garlic. Served with home fried potatoes

~Gallo Pinto- rice and beans with 2 eggs (cooked to your choice) and toast

~2 eggs (cooked to your choice) with home fried potatoes

~Granola and Yogurt- local and organic

~French Toast- topped with powdered sugar and served with homemade syrup

~Pancakes- 4 fluffy pancakes served with homemade syrup

Add delicious hand-smoked bacon for ₡1000

LUNCH   Varies Daily. Starts at 11am

~Ceviche de Pescado- homemade with local Corvina fish marinated in fresh cilantro, lime juice, onions, and a side of tortilla chips ₡3000

~Sopa de Pollo- homemade with local organic chicken, carrots, yuca and potatoes ₡3000

DINNER Weekly Menu.  Served from 6pm-8pm




Gyros de la Casa- Tender grilled pork in a tortilla. Served with a local organic salad and a side of fried potatoes ₡4000. Vegetarian-stir fried organic vegetables ₡3500

Taco Tuesday!  

Fish Tacos-Three Beer Battered or Seared Fish Tacos cooked in locally sourced coconut oil. Served with rice, local organic vegetables, and a fresh salad. ₡4000.Vegetarian- Organic vegetables topped with fresh cheese. ₡3500. Add 1 more taco for just ₡1000.


Falafel- Crispy falafel balls wrapped in a flour tortilla with homemade hummus, sautéed vegetables and an organic local salad. ₡3500


Cobb Salad! Local and organic chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, bacon, Monte Azul Chevre, and vegetables served over fresh locally grown salad and drizzled with dressing. Amazing! ₡4500, extra meat, ₡5000; vegetarian ₡4.000


Friday Night Fish Fry! Beer-battered and fried Sea Bass in locally sourced coconut oil, served with homemade tartar sauce, mashed potatoes and a fresh salad ₡4500. Vegetarian- Beer-battered zucchini and eggplant, served with homemade tartar sauce, mashed potatoes and a fresh salad ₡4000.


Wiener Schnitzel- Pan-fried breaded pork, organic vegetables and tender pork strips. Topped with soy sauce and green onions ₡4000. Vegetarian- ₡3500


Typical Costa Rican Dish!

Happy Hour (Jungle Juice) varies every day and        starts at 5pm