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Our Hostel


Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, comfortable and fun “home away from home” for travelers and vacationers.  We wish to foster an environment that inspires creativity, self-discovery and learning, while living sustainably, responsibly and respectfully on this earth.  It is our hope to provide an example of a dream turned into a lifestyle that is healthy, productive and fun, and lead the way as a business that minimally impacts the natural resources of our environment, and gives back to our community and our planet.

The Flutterby Effect

During Prechristian times, Flutterby was a Goddess and a symbol for our Mother Earth. Flutterby is also linked to the origin of the word butterfly and in many pre and early Christian cultures the butterfly was a symbol of the female soul.


Butterflies are not only symbols for the beatuy of nature and the soul, but also of transformation. As we travel through the journey of our lives, we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that cause us to morph into different people; much like the transformation from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. During this jouney small positive changes, actions and ideas that we make now in life can have much greater and significant effects later on. This is part of the Flutterby Effect.


This Flutterby Effect begins with a dynamic duo of sisters Pam and Kim who have created a house that has forever changed the perspectives that everything you do matters and contributes to our mother earth. After two years of being dormant, Flutterby House comes back under new ownership. While upkeeping the beautiful reputation of their predecessors, Flutterby House 2.0 hopes to have a positive impact on its community by keeping a close relationship


Just as Monarch butterflies require a place to come together and roost at the end of a day, the Flutterby House provides a home for long and short term travelers alike. It provides a space for people to come together, to relax, share stories and to be inspired before moving onto the next leg of the journey.


  • Fully equipped large kitchen

  • ​Comfortable lounge areas

  • Hammocks in the shade

  • 5 minute walk to the beach

  • Laundry services

  • Shared clean bathrooms with cold water

  • Towels

  • ​Night time security​

  • Quiet hours 10pm-7am

  • ​Free Wi-Fi

  • Yoga deck

  • Ping Pong table

  • Book exchange

  • Games

  • Surf board rentals (Coming soon)

  • Bike rentals

  • Bar and Restaurant

  • Parking

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One of the core values at the Flutterby House is the care for our environment. From the design and operation of our business, we have built an environmentally sustainable hostel. The Flutterby House has been a success in conserving the environment, sustainable travel, and environmental awareness education.  We encourage all of our guests to travel with their own reusable bag, water bottle and straw, to help us make the changes we want to see in the world. 

Saving Electricity

All roofs are positioned for the fresh ocean breeze to naturally ventilate the rooms. 

Skylights are built into all roof structures to allow natural sunlight in.

Self-rechargeable solar lights light up our pathways.

No air conditioning, only fans are used to reduce the amount of energy consumed.


Biodegradable soap is used so that water can go through our Grey-Water system.
Full loads are started in early morning to be dried in the sun throughout the day.
By using mostly second hand sheets and towels we avoid supporting the cotton production industry; the sheets are just as clean and comfortable as new ones

Water Conservation

Drying rack in communal kitchen is slanted to drain the water out towards the plants.
Men's urinal reduces the use of water.
House rule: "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."
Grey-Water system is our natural irrigation system.

Greywater is water from basins, bath, showers that may contain small traces of food, hair, shampoo, detergent, etc. Since we only use biodegradable detergent, it can be taken apart by our Grey-Water system. There is a small wetland set up that has plants to naturally filter the pollutants out of the greywater. After the water runs through a drainage of stones and gravel that filters the rest of the solid material, the water is cleaned and then irrigates the plants and trees. 
All toilets are hooked to the biodigester waste system that breaks down organic matter into nutrient solid matter that is used as fertilizer in the soil

Waste Management

No plastic bottles or straws are used, instead all drinks are served in a glass.
Cloth napkins are used instead of bleached paper napkins.
Accessible reusable bags are available for our guests to use.
Almost all waste is sorted to be recycled: aluminium, paper, plastic, and glass.
Compost buckets are used in all kitchens to recycle all organic garbage. These scraps are put into our compost heap and with the help of the sun are converted into fertile soil.
Old surf boards have been recycled as decorations or built into tables & benches.
Non-bleached and recycled toilet paper is used in all bathrooms.
Bicycles are available for rent to cut down fuel consumption.

Organic Local Products

Local, all natural products are sold at the front desk: bug spray, soap, lip balm, perfume, coconut oil.
Vinegar is used as an all around cleaner and it also keeps the bugs and ants away.
Edible plants can be found all over the property: banana trees, pineapple, katuk, mango.
All food is sourced locally, most of the food is organic, no pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals are found in any food products
Vegetables, fruits, cheese, fish, and eggs come from local families that use all natural methods of harvesting their products


All open-air dorms, treehouses, and private cabinas were built using raw materials harvested within 30 miles of the property and everything was constructed with the harmony of the already existing trees.
Conservation of the mango trees provides abundant shade and retains the home of the wildlife.
Construction and maintenance are done with manpower creating the opportunity to hire local people

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